Alien news: ‘Flashing Halo’ stuns Brits after appearing over Newport

Strange halo-shaped object floats over Newport
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A STRANGE halo-like object has been spotted floating in the sky above a Brit town, sparking rumours aliens are preparing to land.

In the clip, a fluorescent hoop-shaped object can be seen floating in the sky above Newport, Wales.

The halo occasionally flickers off, but returns to the sky with an eerie glow.

At some points in the video two lights can be seen hovering in close proximity to each other.

The footage was shot on yesterday (November 15) and was almost immediately picked up by UFO conspiracy page Disclose as compelling evidence of alien life.

Viewers have been stunned by the footage, with one person calling the video is the “best UFO video” to date.

Another UFO fan wrote: “That was a bit of a trippy sighting… Its aura was pretty cool!.”

A third believer commented: “It’s obviously something out of the ordinary because you don’t pull over to film a star. Great find dude.”

However, some sceptics believe the strange light could be a Chinese lantern.

BIZARRE: A halo-shaped object floats over Newport (Pic: YOUTUBE/DISCLOSESCREEN)

Despite that logical train of thought, some were still convinced it was proof of the extraterrestrial, with one person writing: “How can someone look at that and think Chinese lantern?”

This is just one of many strange UFO sighting in the UK in recent months.

Just last week, multiple witnesses described seeing “bright lights” in the sky across Ireland earlier this week. /news/latest-news/742024/UFO-alien-news-ireland-plane-meteor-air-traffic-control

Strange objects have also been spotted moving in groups over California and Texas.

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