Alien news: Medieval painting ‘features UFO and odd creatures with tentacles’

Is this proof aliens have been visiting Earth?
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CREEPY: Is this painting proof aliens have been visiting Earth? (Pic: GETTY)

The artwork, which dates from the 15th century, is proof aliens have been visiting our planet for hundreds of years, according to conspiracy theorists.

An unknown artist painted Madonna and Child with the Infant, Saint John the Baptist.

Many believe it was created by Sebastiano Mainardi or Jacopo del Sellaio. 

It can be found in the Hall of Hercules in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.

The UFO and alien-like creatures

PROOF? The UFO can be seen in the top right and alien-like creatures in the top left (Pic: GETTY)

“Are these also aliens?”

The Ancient Aliens website

Alien hunters have noticed something behind the Madonna and baby Jesus and St John in the artwork.

A disc can be seen in the top right of the painting – with speculation it could be a extraterrestrial UFO.

In the top left, an “odd creature with tentacles” can also be spotted.

This is evidence that other-worldly creatures have been visiting planet Earth, according to alien hunters.

Website The Ancient Aliens, which finds what it believes is evidence of aliens in art throughout history, was excited by the discovery.

It says: “The UFO is of the familiar dish or saucer shape with rays radiating from it, implying it is emitting light.

“Also, in the upper left of this painting are strange creatures under the sun. Another close up is offered of these tentacle-like creatures.

“Are these also aliens?”

The left of the painting appears to show aliens

WEIRD: The top left of the painting appears to show tentacled aliens (Pic: GETTY)

The right has an image of what looks like a UFO

SPACESHIP: The top right has an image of what looks like an alien UFO (Pic: GETTY)

Many flocked to the comments section to discuss the discovery with one pointing out something else.

They wrote: “What you didn’t mention is the man and his dog standing by the castle wall, looking up at the UFO. 

“And actually, a lot of art is indeed reflective of, and representative of, actual witnessed events.” 

This isn’t the widely-held view though – with historians sure it isn’t aliens.

Art website Florence Inferno says: “According to art historians the flying saucer is actually an angel bearing the appearance of a luminous cloud.

“In fact, while the representation of an angel in a non-anthropomorphic manner is rare, the Scriptures, especially the apocryphal Gospels.”

This comes as there was a conspiracy theory frenzy when a “gigantic UFO” was spotted hovering in the sky.

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