Alien news: Plane passenger films mystery craft outside window

A strange plane is seen moving through the sky
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A HORRIFIED plane passenger captured footage of a mysterious aircraft moving through the sky in a “basically impossible” manner.

The clip, which was shot from a plane at 30,000 feet, shows an aircraft of some sort bursting through the sky at a phenomenal rate.

Suddenly, the object changes direction and leaves a white streak of vapour in the air as it moves.

The video’s narrator Blake Cousins says: “It looks like something that actually fell from the sky.

“It pretty much makes a direction that’s basically impossible for a major airliner to do.

“[The aircraft] almost does a 360 in the matter of a minute – it would be a major manoeuvre if this is an airliner.

“Is this just some kind of natural air traffic in the skies? I’m not sure.”

The video has been viewed more than 10,000 times since being streamed on YouTube conspiracy channel Third Phase of Moon.

Viewers have been baffled by the footage, with one person writing: “Not normal for the chem-trail to move with it like that… very weird!”

IMPOSSIBLE: A strange plane is seen moving through the sky (Pic: YOUTUBE/THIRDPHASEOFMOON)

But talks of a UFO were quickly quashed due to the belief alien ships don’t leave chem-trails in the sky.

One viewer, who claims to be a flight attendant, believes the strange object in the video is just a military craft on a practice run.

Another agreed: “It’s a jet aircraft doing a course correction.”

Earlier this week, another plane passenger filmed what appeared to be a “glowing UFO” moving over the San Francisco mountains from his window.

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