Alien news: Russian hunters discover crash-landed ‘ALIEN rocket’

a strange metal object was found in the woods
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RUSSIAN hunters ventured into the woods in search for boar and elk – but what they found instead was much more bizarre.

The two hunters were heading to a remote hut where they had planned to stay the night when they heard a loud crash in the distance.

After searching for the source of the commotion, they stumbled upon a giant hunk of metal behind the trees.

“It was getting really dark,” recalls one of the hunters as he records the wreckage on his phone.

“Yes, it was 10pm or close to that.”

He continues: “We were driving along the road [when] we saw lying here such an alien device.”

“What a case,” remarks the man as he looks at the fallen craft.

But fears of an impending alien invasion were soon quashed after the pair saw a “RKTS Progress” sign on the object – confirming it was a Russian rocket.

It is believed the rocket was on a flight path from Plesetsk cosmodrome when it landed in the Komi republic, north Russia.

CRASH: a strange metal object was found in the woods (Pic: WILLSTEWART)

Although the video is thought to have been filmed back in September, the startling footage has only surfaced recently online.

According to the hunters, the rocket “broke all the pines while falling” hundreds of feet into the woods.

But the Russian rocket had the potential to cause a lot more damage as it landed roughly 350ft from a nearby road.

The hunters have not identified themselves – but they claim “scrap gathers” from the Komi republic “will be there soon” to inspect the wreckage.

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