Georgia’s rave revolution – BBC News

Georgia's rave revolution - BBC News
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In May this year, riot police raided the country’s most popular nightclubs prompting thousands of young Georgians to rave in the streets in protest.
But the events also revealed an undercurrent – a clash between liberal youth and conservative far-right groups.
Reporter: Rayhan Demytrie
Film maker: Ed Ram

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  • Actually it wasn't about LGBT people , revolutionaires wanted police and goverment to apologize them becouse of police's violance. Police was looking for a narcotic in Basian club and they arrested 8 narco dealer but they realy were rudes . Giorgi ( fascist leader) realy is a dick and everyone hates him in Georgia as much as another fascists.

  • During 2 weeks 6 people died from unknown drugs
    That's why the police broke down and asked people to leave any drug on the floor
    And leave the building
    The arrest was only a security member who was selling drugs

  • Fuck drug dealers-in georgia they call whimselvs lgbt activists. In those club administrators have been selling drugs for a long time, they were incarcerated for selling drugs. Their goal is not freedom there goal is more dirty money which they earn by sellig drugs. 17 people died in this club whith drug overdoze past year, 17 yung people and they call this freedom . Protest was organised by several drug dillers and clubs administrators who helps dealers sellin drugs. Police sanction was not proportional- they did not closed club forever it was open one week, they should burn it

  • Oh shit, not u too ortodox brothers, westernization is destroying our children… Culture that is 5x older than western fell into trap of children…
    I dont have anything against gays but dont act like clowns and feminism is destroying everything…
    Freedom to follow satanism, yap it is to some extent freedom…

  • The USA imprisons the highest percentage of its people than any other country. We call it the prison industrial complex. Corporations take in massive amounts of $$$ that would be better spent on something that benefits society instead of hurting it. They ride waves of hysteria from misinformed voters and place nonviolent “offenders” with the violent. If a corporation accepts the RESPONSIBILITY for warehousing criminals (forget rehabilitation,that rarely happens) it must take appropriate measures to ensure their safety. Guess what, they don’t. So someone who was found with a tiny amount of ecstasy and who has never hurt anyone but himself is housed with a killer. If he survives long enough to be released, he is so damaged he will never be a contributing member of society again, most likely having been taught criminal behaviors and will victimize citizens until he is imprisoned again and again until society has been forced to pay needlessly to imprison this person for the majority of his life. If you have no sympathy for this person, have some for your own society because that’s where YOU live. If not, at least don’t be stupid and give your money to a rich corporation who doesn’t need it. Which is better for you: letting some grown up kids dance / use drugs / socialize with gays OR let prison industrialists suck dry you and every working person you know while they laugh all the way to the bank???

  • Its not about dance. Absolutely not.
    Its all about how these morons walk in the streets like zombies. Non of them look like humans or anything like humans. They are the threat to our generation and need to be stopped. Georgia is the best in dancing but its not all about dancing.

  • i love dancing and i don’t mind if someone wants to take drugs .
    the so called open society foundation is a George Soros   Enterprise to destroy your nation and the BBC is of course once again clearly on the side of Soros and its subversive forces … the rave demonstration is clearly recognizable as a revolution in the fashion  Edward Bernays and has already been used in countless revolutions – around the world.
    But it seems Georgians 🇬🇪 are still strong and clever enough to recognize the danger of this —  fight back with wisdom and strength Georgians dont let such lame tactics bring you down …  

    at the end of the video a voice says — " if we dance together we fight together …"
    i would suggest to the right wing movement and to the church to organize a drug free and family friendly trance party where you incorporate … positive traditionalist symbols and slogans
    and you extend a hand to the leftys to come and dance with you and fight with you  FOR the family and for the nation against internationalists like Soros who want to abuse the 
    weak-minded drug users and homos .
    If you do organize such a family friendly and traditionalist dance party, please let me know I will come all the way from Switzerland 🇨🇭 to celebrate with you.

    the reporter of BBC  – " people of western europe might be horrified if you show up with machine guns in discos " first of all , why should you care what we think – Georgia 🇬🇪 for Georgians 🇬🇪
    secondly western europeans are tired of the liberal agenda …
    so no — many of us are profoundly happy to see that there is resistance in Georgia  
    stand strong – stand proud stand with your beautiful flag that has the banner of the Cross on it 🇬🇪and destroy the hateful liberal agenda — God bless Georgia 🇬🇪

  • Great docu, cannot understand why people cannot live and let live. Rave the world, one love!
    The Age Of Love Jam & Spoon mix
    Another great track is Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase 😉

  • Right- so the British Gov. locks up Tommy Robbinson for doing nothing and practically starves him to death for two months… Wait- and what of your imported population dear BBC, what do they think of LGBTQ rights? You've lost the plot- you sure as hell have lost any credibility (years ago)… The hypocrisy is damning- why don't you save a plane ticket and report on your own country- and what you are rapidly losing? Nothing to see here mate, move along. Gag on your cucumber sandwhiches- please!, *A.

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