Korean families reunited: BBC News Review

Korean families reunited: BBC News Review
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North and South Korean families are reunited after over 60 years following the Korean War.

The story
Dozens of South Korean families have been meeting relatives from the North in the most tangible gain yet from the improvement in relations between the two countries.

The South Koreans were separated from their relatives by the Korean War.

Key words and phrases

fear or worry about what is to happen
• It was with some trepidation that Dan asked his girlfriend to marry him.
• She walked towards the judge bravely and with no trepidation.

crying or likely to cry
• If you see Sam crying, don’t worry. He’s just a bit tearful about his recent breakup.
• The end of the movie was so beautiful. It made me tearful for hours.

both happy and sad at the same time
• Living there was a bittersweet experience. I learned a lot, but I missed my family.
• All the best stories have bittersweet endings. A happy ending is so clichéd.

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