Man ‘had sex with neighbour’s pet cat’ in South Africa

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A CAT-OWNER called the cops after she said she caught a neighbour having sex with her distressed pet.

ARREST: Police arrived at the scene and took the man into custody (Pic: REACTION UNIT SOUTH AFRICA)

The disgusted woman is said to have heard “the screams” of her cat coming from her neighbour’s home and went to investigate.

She allegedly came upon the horrifying sight of the man naked and penetrating the cat whilst holding its rear legs.

Cops arrested the man at the scene in Durban, South Africa.

Reportedly he was dressed when they arrived but his clothing was “covered in cat hair”.

south africa cat sex arrest

ACCUSED: His neighbour claims he had sex with her pet cat (Pic: REACTION UNIT SOUTH AFRICA)

“Officers entered the home and found the man dressing. His pants was covered in cat hair”

Police spokesman Prem Balram

Police spokesman Prem Balram said they received a call just after 2pm on Friday.

He said: “The woman had walked to his residence to investigate the screams of her pet when she found the naked man holding the cat by rear legs and penetrating the animal.

“Officers entered the home and found the man dressing. His pants was covered in cat hair.

“The man was removed from the property after the neighbours’ voiced their concerns for the safety of the children living in the vicinity.”


DISGUSTED: The woman claims she found him penetrating her cat (Pic: REACTION UNIT SOUTH AFRICA)

Allegedly the man has a history of beastiality and has been caught abusing a dog and other cats.

Mr Balram added: “According to residents, the man had been previously caught red handed having sex with a dog and other cats.

“The matter was not reported after the suspect’s girlfriend pleaded for forgiveness.”

The Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was also contacted.

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