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debuted the mythical Meltan and its imposing evolution earlier in October, expanding the number of available Pokemon. Currently, there is no way to catch Meltan in the wild, much like legendary monsters Mew and Celebi. Instead, Pokemon trainers in the making have to complete a set of nine challenges set down by Professor Willow.

But with the release of Pokemon Let’s Go on November 16, catching Meltan is now easier than ever – across both platforms.

The secret lies in the Mystery Box and the integration of Pokemon Go on mobile devices and Pokemon Let’s Go on the Nintendo Switch.

How to catch Meltan and Melmetal in Pokemon Let’s Go

Although Pokemon Let’s Go will recognise a complete Pokedex at 150 caught creatures there are still three more elusive monsters to be caught – Mew, Meltan and Melmetal.

Unfortunately, there is no way to catch any of the creatures in the wild but you can transfer the latter two over from Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to catch Meltan and Melmetal (Image: POKEMON LET’S GO)

This means you will already need to have a Pokemon Go account or ask a good friend to help you out with this.

When you first transfer over a Pokemon to the Switch via the Pokemon Go Park, Pokemon Go will gift you with an item called the Mystery Box.

The Mystery Box will act just like a lure if activated but it will only attract Meltans to your area for 30 minutes.

Activating the Mystery Box can bag you up to 10 Meltans per box, which is crucial if you plan to evolve a Melmetal.

After all, Meltan will require a total of 400 Meltan Candies to be upgraded.

But you have to keep in mind the Mystery Box can only be activated once every seven days and only after you transfer Pokemon to the Switch.

For a better chance of evolving Meltan quickly, use a Pinup Berry before every Poke Ball throw to double the amount of candy received.

Right now, this is the only way for you to get both Meltan and Melmetal in your version of Pokemon Let’s Go.

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Pokemon Let's Go: Meltan how to catch guide

Pokemon Let’s Go: Meltan can only be transferred over from Pokemon Go (Image: POKEMON LET’S GO)

One thing to note is once you transfer a Meltan over to Pokemon Let’s Go there will be no way to evolve it, so be sure to keep one creature behind on your phone to evolve.

Transferring Pokemon from the mobile game to the console is also a one-way street, so there is no turning back once you commit.

How to get Meltan through Professor Willow’s tasks

Here are the conditions you need to meet to complete Professor Willow’s Meltan challenges.

Step One of Nine:

• Spin five Gym Pokestops for 500 XP

• Catch 10 Pokemon for 500 XP

• Transfer five Pokemon for 500 XP

Reward: 1,000 Stardust, 10 Poke Balls, One Incubator

Step Two of Nine:

• Earn two candies walking your Pokemon buddy for 1,000 XP

• Make 10 great throws for 1,000 XP

• Hatch three Pokemon eggs for 1,000 XP

Reward: 2,000 Stardust, 2 x Lucky Eggs, 1 x Fast TM

Step Three of Nine:

• Catch a Ditto for 1,500 XP

• Win two Gym battles for 1,500 XP

• Battle in two Pokemon Raids for 1,500 XP

Reward: 10 Great Balls, 3 x Incense, 3 x Max Revive

Step Four of Nine:

• Catch five Steel-type Pokemon for 2,000 XP

• Catch five Electric-Type Pokemon for 2,000 XP

• Earn five candies walking with your Pokemon buddy for 2,000 XP

Reward: 4,000 Stardust, 5 x Pinup Berry, 5 x Rare Candy

Step Five of Nine:

• Evolve a Grimer for 2,500 XP

• Catch a Slugma or Gulpin for 2,500 XP

• Make 20 great throws for 2,500 XP

Reward: 5,000 Stardust, 20 x Great Balls, 5 x Lure Modules

Pokemon Let's Go: Meltan how to catch guide

Pokemon Let’s Go: You need 400 Meltan candies to evolve a Melmetal (Image: POKEMON GO)

Step Six of Nine:

• Evolve a Magnemite for 3,000 XP

• Catch five Exeggcute for 3,000 XP

• Battle in 10 raids for 3,000 XP

Reward: 1 x Silver Pinap Berry, 1 x Metal Coat, 10 x Ultra Ball

Step Seven of Nine:

• Evolve on Drowzee for 3,500 XP

• Catch one Cubone for 3,500 XP

• Evolve one Scyther or 3,500 XP

Reward: 10 x Ultra Balls, 1 x Charged TM, 3 x Premium Raid Passes

Step Eight of Nine:

• Catch two Omanyte or Kabuto for 4,000 XP

• Catch two Lileep or Anorith for 4,000 XP

• Catch an Aerodactyl for 4,000 XP

Reward: 8,000 Stardust, Meltan Encounter, 1 x Star Piece

Step Nine of Nine:

• Claim rewards of 9,000 Stardust, 1x Super Incubator, 5 x Meltan Candy

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