Square clouds sighting over Cleethorpes sparks weather control frenzy

A strange cloud moves through the sky
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CONSPIRACY theorists have come out in numbers after footage emerged of “square clouds” floating across the sky in England.

The weird footage shows the weird-shaped cloud standing alone in the clear sky.

As the camera moves left and right, it becomes apparent there are no other clouds in sight.

The unexplained cloud was spotted by Jo Wood over the seaside town of Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire in England last Saturday (November 24).

The odd video has been watched more than 1,000 times since its upload yesterday (November 27).

Most viewers believe the clouds are part of a weather-control programme to fight the effects of global warming.

One person wrote: “Surprising there is no public outcry over the obvious geo-engineering.”

Some conspirators claim these supposed “chemtrails” contain lithium (used to treat bipolar disorder) – resulting in less public outrage over the use of geo-engineering in the atmosphere.

Another added: “Not natural,” while others called the cloud “bizarre”.

UNEXPLAINED: A strange cloud moves through the sky (Pic: YOUTUBE/UFOMANIA)

But some theorists believe the cloud is a result of chemtrails from planes.

One theorist even claimed these “rows of chemtrails” are being used to prevent rainfall in certain areas of the world.

Earlier this month, theorists were awe-struck as a multi-coloured cloud appeared in the sky above Honduras. 

While others spotted a “triangle UFO” hiding behind the clouds during a thunderstorm. 

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