This Uniformed ‘Police Rabbit’ Is Making The Internet Hop With Joy

This Uniformed 'Police Rabbit' Is Making The Internet Hop With Joy
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Behold this adorable rabbit dressed in a police uniform — complete with tiny handcuffs and its very own badge.

The police department lightheartedly claimed the rabbit was a “new recruit” who would “assist in searching small and confined spaces.” It also asked its followers if they had what it took to become “a Police Rabbit Handler.”

Some people believed the joke post, forcing the police to later clarify that the creature was just a visitor and “not our latest recruit in the pursuit of sniffing out crime.”

Nevertheless, the photograph still went viral ― and even ended up on Reddit’s “Photoshop Battles” thread, where Redditors reimagined the snap in various funny ways ― including one image featuring model Kendall Jenner:

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