Women ‘illegally taking abortion pill’ – BBC News

Women 'illegally taking abortion pill' - BBC News
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Women in England are illegally taking abortion pills they have bought over the internet because they cannot get to clinics to take it, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told.
In England, women must take the pill at a hospital or clinic, before travelling home for the abortion process to begin.
But the effects can start within 30 minutes. One woman said she had started to pass her pregnancy in the taxi home.
The Department of Health said it was monitoring the evidence on home use.

Produced and reported by Jean Mackenzie
Filmed and directed by Sebastien Rabas
Edited by Stephen Bulfield

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  • Banning fornication by making it illegal and likewise, adultery will remove this problem. People should only have intercourse when they want to get married and have children. Otherwise, it is an oppression to the child. In many cases, they grow up without a father. Islam should become the law of the land. It would've also preserve your lineages and tribes. Today racism and skin color became the only way, until your reputation was destroyed as racists due to widespread fornication, pornography and corruption until they had nothing to relate one another with.

    Praise be to Allah.

    The Council of Senior Scholars issued the following statement:

    1 – It is not permissible to abort a pregnancy at any stage unless there is a legitimate reason, and within very precise limits.

    2 – If the pregnancy is in the first stage, which is a period of forty days, and aborting it serves a legitimate purpose or will ward off harm, then it is permissible to abort it. But aborting it at this stage for fear of the difficulty of raising children or of being unable to bear the costs of maintaining and educating them, or for fear for their future or because the couple feel that they have enough children – this is not permissible.

    3 – It is not permissible to abort a pregnancy when it is an ‘alaqah (clot) or mudghah (chewed lump of flesh) (which are the second and third periods of forty days each) until a trustworthy medical committee has decided that continuing the pregnancy poses a threat to the mother’s wellbeing, in that there is the fear that she will die if the pregnancy continues. It is permissible to abort it once all means of warding off that danger have been exhausted.

    4 – After the third stage, and after four months have passed, it is not permissible to abort the pregnancy unless a group of trustworthy medical specialists decide that keeping the foetus in his mother’s womb will cause her death, and that should only be done after all means of keeping the foetus alive have been exhausted. A concession is made allowing abortion in this case so as to ward off the greater of two evils and to serve the greater of two interests.

  • Personally, I think abortion pills, birth control pills and morning after pills should be given out free in every drugstore in every country in the world. Put a video online for the instructions and expected side effects. I'll lay you odds that if men were the ones getting pregnant it would have happened years ago. TheReaper!

  • I looked deep into the eyes of the BBC reporter at around 11:19 and perceived what she has been thinking about the girl sitting in front of her. I think her perception is right and she is having a great message for such women but unfortunately she can't convey it publicly.

  • Party politics are entrenched in corruption! So feeling aggrieved is natural as it’s been happening for years and the public are sick to their back teeth of them .
    Referendums are a different beast all together , it’s an argument on a single issue ! The problem arises when the vote isn’t implemented as is happening with brexit , so if their was a vote on gay marriage ( which I’m against ) and the public voted in favour I would swallow the result – so to speak 😉 ! Or if we voted to imprison James o Brian for the next 50 years for being a treasonous pig and the public said absolutely 90% in favour so be it ! As that is how democracy works fortunately or unfortunately ( depending on how you look at it ! No I say referendums on everything and top of the list would be the following simple yes or no answers .

    Lgbtq%#abcd people should be classified as having mental illness .

    Mass immigration should stop immediately.

    Marxism should be banned .

    Universitys should have 50/50 left leaning and right leaning teachers and professors.

    Parliament, the commons , the lords should be liquidated and fresh votes for brand new party’s / people should start .

    Lbc presenters should be banished to the North Pole .

    All child killers should be hung drawn and quartered .

    I’d imagine 60-80% of the population would say yes!! Would the establishment let it happen ? No! And would I shut up and unhappily go away ( in the name of democracy yes )

  • I've heard of amazing advancements being made with prosthetic limbs, where pressure sensitivity and feeling can be felt, even though the arm is synthetic. Why not do the same with a uterus? I'm imagining a partial synthetic uterus that can not only be switched on/off as far as pain, but can be set to redirect semen into the colon if pregnancy is not wanted. You could switch it on and off from your smartphone. It's not abortion if no eggs get fertilized in the first place. Abstinence is asking too much.

  • So when did it just change from taking the morning after pill the morning after breaking a condom, this must be the propagandist 'everything is extreme' version or (the NHS spent your money on anti-AIDS drugs).

  • They could avoid all this trauma by avoiding the pregnancy, taking responsibility for their bodies and use birth control ( and yes I know that bc not always works) but at least try 🤷‍♀️

  • Out of touch ??? The bbc is a Marxist propaganda station in touch with the loonie left ! Horrendous reporting biased to the liberal narrative!! Absolute disgrace! Nothing on the illegal imprisonment of tommy Robinson and nothing even remotely reflective of how the British public feel about the immigration issue, lgbtq issue, the two party system issue, brexit!! Total brain washing nonsense

  • kind of mind boggling, that women are supposedly the most affectionate over babies, and yet get rid of a live fetus like it's a cockroach .. what has the world come to

  • I've got an idea, how about not being a sexual devient and going out every week and sleeping with whoever you want…

    Vile disgusting degenerates, why are we supposed to feel sorry for these people?

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